Design and Manufacturing of Electronic Circuit

SELBA SOLUTIONS puts at the service of its customers the Know-How of it R + D + i department, as well as the technical resources and facilities to develop tailored products by the customers.


Electronic Design

Our R + D + i department is integrated into the customer’s development team, with de maximum adaptability, in order to speed up the development process.
We become your engineering department at each stage of development.



We take care that all the product developed by SELBA SOLUTIONS comply all the regulations and demands that our customers and their market demand. We have equipment for electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety, fatigue and environmental tests.We accompany our customers to certified laboratories whenever necessary.



Once defined the benefits and requirements of the electronics, and prior to manufacturing, we launch a short series of prototypes to test all the functionalities.


Electronic Manufacturing

SELBA SOLUTIONS makes available to each customer more than 25 years of experience in electronics manufacturing. This experience and technological and logistical capacity allow it to adapt to the specific need of each client and market.


Quality and Verification

Our quality department has personalized verification systems for each electronic equipment supplied to our customers. Selba’s verification plant ensures that all the delivered electronics to the end customer have all been verified as well as 100% of their functionalities.



SELBA SOLUTIONS is responsible for all the logistical steps of the electronic equipment manufacturing process.


Technical Service

SELBA SOLUTIONS offers its customers the technical assistance necessary to analyze, repair and update their electronic equipment. We work together to solve any type of incident derived from electronic equipment.