SELBA SL is in the expansion phase, in both lines, design and manufacture of electronic equipment and commercialization of electric vehicles charging station.

Annual turnover

Annual turnover

2023 = 6.7 Millons €
2022 = 6.3 Millons €
2021 = 5.8 Millons €
2020 = 4.8 Millons €
2019 = 5.5 Millons €


Qualify technical staff and others



Latest technology

2.100 m2

Activity sectors

During our career in the Design and Manufacture of electronic products sector, we have developed products for different markets, both nationally and internationally:

Vending machines

Regulation of air conditioning equipment

Wiring verification systems

Polypropylene pipe welding systems

Control of bus access systems

Traffic light regulation equipment

Weighing equipment

Laser marking systems

Control equipment for the railway sector

Engine Regulator Kits

Machinery regulation equipment

Countries with SELBA electronics