About Us

SELBA SL was established in 1992. Since then, it is a company dedicated to design and manufacture of industrial electronic equipment.

SELBA SL started its activity in a very small place in the city center of Manresa, where it grew up step by step during the 90’s. In 2001 due to need of keep growing the production capacity, the company moved to Sant Salvador de Guardiola in a new facility of 1.200 m2 of surface.


In 2007 Selba obtained ISO9001 Certification through TÜV Product Service GmbH.

Design and manufacture of electronic circuits

The company offers to its customers a complete service, that it covers electronic design, analysis, reparation and update of manufactured equipment, and also industrialization and manufacturing of itself.

Electric vehicle charging stations

SELBA SL presents a different kind of charging stations with different kind of powers and different installation modalities.

There are existing charging stations for public roads, for private places, for shopping centers, hotels and vehicle fleets.